Safe Use of Knives Risk Assessment


Safe Use of Knives Risk Assessment for caterers and kitchens



This Kitchen Risk Assessment Form for Using Kitchen Knives considers the hazards involved with using knives, cleavers or other cutting tools in a catering kitchen. Knives are used all the time in every catering kitchen, but because they are used all the time, it is easy to forget how dangerous they can be and how easy it is to cut yourself. This Kitchen Knives Risk Assessment is designed to help you to identify the hazards inherent in using these tools in your specific situation and from that identification you will be able to create safer methods of working.

This risk assessment form has been updated to provide a greater variety of example hazards, controls and actions and is now in a more user-friendly style.

As this Kitchen Risk Assessment Form for Using Kitchen Knives draws on a variety of real life situations, some of the example hazards identified may be relevant for your business and others may not. Likewise, with both the “existing controls” and the “further controls/actions” needed; some may apply and others will not. How the control measures differ will depend entirely on the relevant company’s current health and safety procedures, but those shown provide an idea of how they could work. This risk assessment form is designed so that you can add to it, and delete from it, in order to reflect your specific work environment. To work out the Level of Risk (R) for each hazard on the form multiply the Probability value (P) by the Severity value (S). To help you with this process you may find it useful to read our Guidance Notes – How to do a Risk Assessment.


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